Discover a new type of art with 3D Painting by Numbers

Are you looking for a new type of art to try?Well, have we got the art form for you! 3D Painting by Numbers is a new type of painting that lets you create beautiful 3D masterpieces using nothing more than a canvas and some paints. With just a few simple steps, you can create amazing works of art that will amaze your friends and family. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today, You'll be amazed at the results!

What is 3D Painting by Numbers and how does it work?

3D Painting by Numbers is a new type of painting in which you paint in numbers on your canvas to create the illusion of depth. The concept is extremely easy, but the results are amazing!

You simply follow upcoming tutorials step-by-step to learn how to paint each finished picture one number at a time. As soon as an area is completed, it pops out into three dimensions, leaving behind a three dimensional representation that looks just like the finished painting.

Where did 3D Painting by Numbers originate?

As with many new art forms, 3D Painting by Numbers has its origins in Russia (although there is no indication that these techniques originated in Russia or were used for Russian paintings). However, it's only recently started gaining attention in the western world.

3D Painting by Numbers has been around since the early 20th century, but it has only started to become popular with modern art lovers in the last few years. This is mostly due to its limited availability and people's unfamiliarity with some of the painting techniques that are used.

Why choose 3D Painting by Numbers?

There are many reasons why you should try out some 3D paintings for yourself as soon as possible! For example:

- If you're looking for a new type of art form that's different from all of the others, then this is perfect for you! It takes traditional painting and pushes it beyond your imagination into a whole new dimension. You'll be amazed at how amazing these three dimensional masterpieces look when they're finished!

- If you're looking to decorate your home without spending a lot of money, then 3D Painting by Numbers is the perfect solution. It's far cheaper than many other forms of art, as you can buy all of your supplies from most art shops and don't have to pay for expensive canvases or fancy equipment. Plus, it only takes a few hours to complete each painting so you can even paint multiple paintings in one sitting during an evening or weekend if you need a quick decoration fix.

- If you want to teach someone a new skill that is fun and easy but looks amazing at the same time, then this is perfect for you! Whether you're trying to motivate someone who likes painting but doesn't think they're very good at it, or you want to teach a child a new skill, 3D Painting by Numbers is perfect for beginners and experienced artists alike!

- If you've always wanted to learn how to paint three dimensional objects with traditional painting techniques, then this is ideal for you. It's the only form of art that lets you do this so easily, making it one of the most exciting forms of art available today!

How can I get started with 3D Painting by Numbers?

It couldn't be easier! All you have to do is look online for upcoming tutorials in your area or regions near you. We plan on providing many more free tutorials in the future across many different styles and subjects so keep an eye out for new ones!

You can also look online to buy your own 3D Painting by Numbers kits (such as the one pictured, which you can purchase here: The Starry Night 3D Painting Kit ) and discuss all of your ideas for future tutorials with other artists who like to paint in numbers. If there's enough interest, we'll even organize group painting sessions or let you know where you can find a local group that meets up to paint together!

We hope you have as much fun with this exciting new form of art as we do! We believe it has a lot of potential and is going to be a big hit across the world so don't miss out on getting involved right from the beginning. Give it a try today.

Tips for creating your own beautiful 3D paintings

Once you have your kit, don't get too hung up on the numbers. Just make sure that each layer of paint is thoroughly dry before you add another to avoid mixing colors and textures in unexpected ways

Most layers should be no thinner than 2 mm (no thinner!) and no thicker than 4 mm (unless specified otherwise). There's a lot of information in between those numbers!

Deeper shades often work better for the final dimension because they seem closer to you. Lighter colors recede into the distance much more quickly.

If painting an outdoor location like a landscape, try not to use too many different shades of green. The human eye can easily detect where one color ends and another begins so it will look strange if there are too many colors where one should naturally be.

For an outdoor scene, if you have tall grass or foliage, try to use the same color green all over your painting since it will look unnatural if some areas are darker than others (unless you're referencing different types of trees or bushes that would grow differently).

All of these general rules can be broken sometimes but they're great guidelines to get started with! Have fun experimenting and create whatever works for you.

Some of the best artists who use this type of 3D painting by numbers.


Check out some of these artists who have amazing painting skills and a great eye for 3D painting by numbers. They love painting landscapes and nature scenes so they're a great place to begin if you need painting inspiration!

For even more painting examples, check out our gallery here: 3D Painting Examples Gallery .

Who will love this 3D painting by numbers?

Everyone! 3D painting is one of the most accessible forms of art available today so anyone can learn how to paint three dimensional objects. If you enjoy painting, but aren't sure whether you'd like painting in this style or if it's really for you, then give it a try at home with your kit . It couldn't be easier or more fun to get involved.

Who won't love this 3D painting by numbers?

If you absolutely hate painting, then there's nothing that will convince you otherwise! However, even if painting isn't really for you and that's why you're not enjoying it as much as others seem to, 3D painting may still be a good alternative for those days when you want to do something creative but painting just isn't at the top of your list.

Here are some great links to learn more about 3D painting by numbers:

- The 3D Painting by Numbers Guidebook (a complete guide)

- Free beginner tutorials for painting by numbers

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Where can I learn more about this exciting form of art?

There's just too much to fit into one article! To discover more secrets on how to paint beautiful masterpieces using nothing but a canvas and paints, be sure to use google to check out all of the best tutorials.

Examples of beautiful 3D paintings that can be created with this technique




If painting isn't for you or you're looking to give painting a try but don't know where to begin, 3d painting by numbers is the perfect choice. It's accessible and easy enough for anyone to pick up while still being challenging enough to keep it interesting. Plus, painting landscapes never fails to look impressive so your painting will be sure to impress everyone who sees it!


We hope you enjoy painting by number as much as we do! Let us know how it goes! Please leave any questions or comments below and if you'd like to share your own progress, please feel free to post your photos on our Facebook page . We love seeing what others are creating! Happy painting!

By now you should have all the knowledge required to pick up a paintbrush and start painting in this exciting new style. So