How to create an abstract painting by numbers?

Do you love art, but feel intimidated by the thought of creating your own masterpiece? Have no fear! Creating an abstract painting by numbers is a fun and easy way to unleash your inner artist. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, abstract painting by numbers is a great way to experiment with new techniques and create something truly unique. This guide will show you how to create an abstract painting by numbers. By following the simple steps below, anyone can create a beautiful piece of art!


What is Abstract Painting?


Before you begin, it helps to understand what abstract painting is. Abstract paintings are not bound by any rules or guidelines. The possibilities are endless! Abstract art often showcases the artist's use of shapes, colors, textures, and patterns. It may also include symbols or words in order to convey a message. While there are no right or wrong ways to create an abstract painting by numbers, most artists choose to work with whatever materials they feel comfortable using.


Why choosing abstract Paint by Numbers kit?

There are many different types of abstract paintings. However, if you want to create an abstract painting by numbers, choosing an abstract Paint by Numbers kit is the best way to go! Abstract paint by numbers includes all the materials needed to follow along with the included instructions. The set usually includes a pre-stretched canvas that's ready for painting right out of the box, acrylic paints in various vibrant colors, and sometimes even brushes or palette knives. Not only does this make the painting process easier, it also makes for a great activity to do with kids!


Abstract Painting Process

Once you have selected your paint by number kit, it's time to begin creating your own masterpiece. Follow these steps below! Remember: every artist has his or her own unique style. Feel free to play around with different techniques until you find one that works for you!

1. Choose your paint by numbers kit and unpack all the materials. Pre-stretched canvases are usually glued onto wooden frames, so you should easily be able to remove the canvas from the frame. If not, carefully cut along the edges of the canvas using a craft knife until it's loose enough for you to pull off. Be careful to only cut through the top layer (the canvas). Do not damage any part of the wooden frame underneath.

2. You can use an old rag or t-shirt to clean off your canvas before painting your masterpiece on it. This will help ensure that no dust gets into your paint, which can affect its vibrancy later on down the road. Let dry completely (this may take a couple hours) before moving on to the next step.

3. Time to get painting! If you have never created an abstract painting by numbers before, start with a simple design. You can always add more details later on once you've got a good feel for how you want your finished product to look. Many paint by number kits will include an instruction sheet that includes outlines of different elements you may choose from, so most of the process is simply choosing what outline to use and then filling it in with the appropriate color(s). and you can check our detailed guide about how to make a painting by numbers.


4. Let dry completely (this may take several hours or even up to overnight) before moving onto the next step. Be sure not to touch your masterpiece when drying time is over! If necessary, use masking tape to protect the edges of your painting from smudges or fingerprints.

5. Once it's completely dry, carefully remove any masking tape you used earlier (if applicable). Depending on the paint by number kit you choose, your artwork may be ready for hanging! If not, go ahead and frame it using a nice frame to make the finished product look super sleek.

Time to hang up your beautiful new abstract painting by numbers! Feel free to share pictures of your masterpiece on social media with the hashtag #paintbynumber if you're feeling extra proud of yourself! Now that you've learned how to create an abstract painting by numbers, be sure to check out our huge selection of Paint by Numbers kits . We offer something for every skill level, so you can find something for yourself or buy one as a gift!


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