How to draw a dinosaur with our painting by number?

Finishing a painting is always a satisfying experience, no matter how amateur the painter may be. But what if that sense of accomplishment could be multiplied? With dinosaur painting by numbers, not only can anyone finish a painting, but they can do so with an impressive prehistoric creature. These Dinosaurs painting by number kits come complete with everything needed to create a colorful and lifelike dino. The best part? No one will be able to tell it wasn't painted by a professional!

Why your kids love dinosaurs?


Maybe because dinosaurs are awesome, or they look like the beasts in movies like Jurassic Park. Or maybe it has something to do with increased interest in paleontology and its appeal as a science?

Whatever the reason may be, it is undeniable that kids simply love these extinct creatures that once roamed the earth (or not). They not only love dinosaurs, but they also want to learn more about them and how they lived, what kind of food they ate and all those interesting things.

If your kid is a big dino-fanatic and you're looking for something new, we have some truly amazing dinosaur books that we think will be just right for your child! From dino-stories to scientific facts and everything in between, let's take a look at these great dino-related titles .

Then dinosaurs painting by number is great gifts for your kids.Wanna try painting dinosaurs with your kids at home? There are so many fun things you can do with them. Here are some great painting for kids that your kids can enjoy with you.

There are some most popular painting on the internet below,

  1. Colorful dinosaur Painting By NumbersColorful dinosaur Painting By Numbers

Children of all ages will love painting and coloring these Colorful dinosaur Painting By Numbers, and they'll never get bored. Every scene on the package has a different animal scene on it that you can hang up as decoration or use to teach kids about animals who live in different environments around the world. You can even let them turn their empty living room into a zoo with some dino friends!


painted this fantastic dinosaur by numbers. I followed the instructions carefully, and the final result is awesome! If you're looking for a fun weekend project, I'd definitely recommend trying this out. Painting by numbers is a great way to relax and de-stress, and the finished product always looks great. Plus, you can be as creative as you want and make any design you like. Give it a try!


what is The benefits of painting by numbers?


Although it is a simple painting, It's very powerful. Because this painting will definitely change according to the number of stamps and stamps so that the original work comes out very different depending on how much or how many stickers are used to paint.


There is also a big benefit in making children learn color and hand coordination at an early age when they play with these special paintings by numbers. Apart from coloring knowledge, children will gain perfection in their hands as well as gain inspiration for art through this fun activity!


One thing adults can get through this amusement are all kinds of knowledge on art appreciation. If you do not know what colors are used by various artists, or if you are not familiar with certain patterns, painting your own picture.

5 steps to finish your painting by numbers.

1. Take a look at the numbers on the surface of your painting, and try to find the number that corresponds to each number according to color or shade.

2. After that, lay out all colors as they are numbered on the board as shown in photo 1. The small wooden sticks with red polka dots can help you easily control and mix colors so you do not need to worry about it!

3. Then start to paint by letters. Once done, let it dry naturally for 3-5 days before peeling off stickers and framing it! Of course, It's fun to decorate home with these paintings but ...  it has another benefit: Can relieve stress! Painter by numbers is a lot of fun because it is too easy to fit into the mood even when you are tired.

4. Finally, hang up your work of art on the wall so that you can enjoy it for a long time with family! Of course, if you want to show off, this painting by numbers will give you an excellent opportunity hainging up at home or in7 public places is even more fun!

5. Once finished, let it dry naturally for 3-5 days before peeling off stickers and framing it! And of course It's fun to decorate your home with these paintings but  it has another benefit: Can relieve stress! Painter by numbers is a lot of fun because it is too easy to fit into the mood even when your finish all those process.

If you are not satisfactory with the current painting designs , you can find your own dinosaur pictures online, and personalized your own painting by numbers kits.

The dinosaur painting by number were designed based on your own images, each picture is vivid and realistic. You can make lovely pictures by printing it out and following the numbers in order. Then the kids not only enjoy the process but also like to show off their finished work when they are done.

No matter what age group you belong to; children, middle-aged people or senior citizens, everyone would love this wonderful painting kit that enables them to paint with numbers . You can buy our products online in bulk and give them away as gifts for your friends and family members too! So get started now!